Why Join AFIO Arizona?

Here are some reasons to join AFIO Arizona:

  • To meet new LOCAL Phoenix area individuals and become friends with those who contributed to the intelligence business in defense of our country.
  • To learn and hear about current and historical intelligence activities that are occurring or have occurred that speakers can share their insight.
  • To enjoy time with others who have a “like” interest in the intelligence business.
  • To hear about current activities that may go beyond what the general public sees or is shared with, the “inside story”.
  • To go/see business and/or government operations that are available to special interest groups that the general public is not normally allowed in.

Your National AFIO membership brings additional benefits, like:

  • Intelligencer. AFIO’s flagship academic journal of U.S. intelligence studies. This bi-annual publication features papers, book announcements, reviews and analyses of important intelligence topics by intelligence professionals, major researchers, journalists and writers in the field of National Security. Usually 140-180 pages per issue.
  • Weekly Intelligence Notes (WINs). A weekly e-Newsletter that keeps members up-to-date with local and national AFIO activities, as well as synopses of the latest news from or about the intelligence community.
  • Invitations to AFIO and Intelligence Community Events. Membership provides access and invitations to important luncheons, symposia and intelligence conferences throughout the year.
  • AFIO Monograph Series and other publications.