Robert W. 'Bob' Hull

Robert W. “Bob” Hall on the Russian Information War

Robert W. “Bob” Hall, was our speaker at our Thursday, March 11, 2021 general meeting, presenting an unclassified high-level view of the Russian strategies to implement their Information War (IW). Mr. Hull is familiar with many of the former Soviet Union’s intelligence strategies and his … Learn More

Roy D. Kamphausen

Roy D. Kamphausen on China, Where Do We Go From Here?

Roy D. Kamphausen was our speaker at the AFIO AZ general meeting on February 11, 2021. His topic was The China Challenge. Mr. Kamphausen began with an overview of China’s history and economy. He then dove right in, stating that the likelihood of a great … Learn More

Previous Speakers

Here is a list of the other speakers from our monthly General Meetings for the last few years (2019-2021), along with their topics: Zuhdi Jasser PhD LCDR USN (Ret): “Taking on the Islamist Establishment” Professor Gary Marchant, PhD: “Artificial Intelligence” Deputy Special Agent in Charge … Learn More