Robert W. “Bob” Hall on the Russian Information War

Robert W. “Bob” Hall, was our speaker at our Thursday, March 11, 2021 general meeting, presenting an unclassified high-level view of the Russian strategies to implement their Information War (IW). Mr. Hull is familiar with many of the former Soviet Union’s intelligence strategies and his talk incorporates authoritative US Government sponsored analyses, the NATO Handbook on Russian Information Warfare, and other reputable sources now in the public domain.

Mr. Hull spoken at many private, State and Federal government-sponsored Homeland Security conferences and workshops and is a member of the US DOJ, NM District Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council, and the US OPM, Federal Executive Board – Emergency Preparedness Committee. In his spare time, Bob is Secretary of the “Tom Smith New Mexico Chapter” of AFIO, Vice President of the Bradbury Science Museum Association (Your Window into Los Alamos National Laboratory), and Chairman of the Board for the US DOE’s Northern New Mexico Citizen’s Advisory Board.

For the last 28 years Mr. Hull has lived in Los Alamos, NM as a corporate manager, including Technical Director for Unconventional Warfare Defense Programs, at Los Alamos Technical Associates Inc., a spinoff company of the Los Alamos National Laboratory weapons program.