Nominating Committee Chair this year is Ed Logan and Vice-Chair is Rosanne Trujillo.  

You may nominate another member or yourself.  However, to be a nominee, they or you must meet the following:

  1. Be a National Member AND an Arizona Chapter Member in “good standing” by having paid both National and Arizona Annual Dues.
  2. Consent to running for office.
  3. Provide their National Member ID number (unless you are a current Board Member).
  4. Provide a resume that can be verified (unless you are a current Board Member).
  5. Provide a short statement why you feel you are qualified and prepared to take on this obligation that can be shared with membership (unless you are a current Board Member).

A Nomination and supporting information needs to be sent by email to: ; Copying Ed Logan – ; AND prior to November 15, 2021.all the nominations verified, as a member in “good standing”, you will receive a link to the AFIO AZ SurveyMonkey voting sheet for you to vote, starting November 17, 2021 and closing Nov 30, 2021.Any questions please see email Ed.